Hair Cuts


The shortest types of cuts work best when texture, wave pattern, and head shape are taken into account. Different cutting techniques add volume while others reduce weight making it important to understand your hair’s natural tendencies. After the hair is shortened to a general length, texture is added and additional weight is subtracted when the hair is dry. When you visit, please feel welcome to communicate the nuances of your hair.


Many modern-day mid-length cuts are a variation of a classic bob. For bobs, it is essential to slightly undercut the section nearest the neck so the mid-section lays over and under. Otherwise, you are at risk of unruly layers that flip out! Textured bobs are created in this fashion and by adding choppy surface layers. A heavily layered mid-length cut will amplify texture and/or compliment curly styles.  


Like cuts in general, long hair styles can add volume or subtract weight. For the most part, long styles look best with some type of layering. Whether the layers are only on the surface to break up an otherwise heavy look or internal to add volume is dependent on hair type and desired look. Generally, if hair is very long, layers should not be any shorter than six inches on top and should not be cut so internally that the bottom is left thin.

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