Foil Highlights and Lowlights

A variety of foil techniques can be used to create subtle or striking highlights. When a darker color is used, highlights are referred to as lowlights. Both highlight and lowlight techniques are used when noticeable dimension is desired in the hair. The more foils used in highlights, the greater the overall lightening effect. Lowlights may be used in combination with other color services to create tone and/or balance existing color.

Hair Painting

Hair painting refers to a free-hand color technique that, like foils, can create highlights and lowlights. This technique, also referred to as balayage, was originally created to mimic the effects the sun has on hair. When a subtle result is desired, one hair painting session is perfect. After multiple sessions, a more dramatic look can be achieved. To preserve the health of the hair, please ask to add on a protective bonding agent to your lightener.

Fantasy Color

Fantasy color refers to pink, purple, blue, or any combination of colors not naturally present in hair. To achieve fantasy colors, a pre-lightening process is first necessary. Pre-lightening can be done a variety of ways, including with foils, hair painting, or all over, depending on the desired effect. A special process is also used to remove fantasy colors and can be done with minimal to zero hair damage. Please ask for more information.

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